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Hair and Beauty Salon

The Hub Hair and Beauty is a premier Hair Salon in Sunderland England. Since 2017, we’ve offered a wide range of services and products to give you the elegant and fabulous look that you deserve. Scroll on to book an appointment or enjoy our walk-in services.

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When Our Doors Open

Wed - 9am - 5pm

Thur - 9am - 7pm

Fri - 9am - 5pm

Sat 9am - 3pm

We use an online booking system which means you can book your appointment directly from your phone at a time that suits you.

You can book, cancel, edit and amend your booking directly from your phone.

it really is that simple. Just click the button. 

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The Hub 

Nestled on Castletown high street we are in the heart of a thriving community. You can drop your doggy at Scruffy Pups for a groom next door, or you could pop in to Fitzpatrick florist on the way home from your treatment for some beautiful fresh flowers. 

 We are the perfect place for you to come and pamper yourself.

 Book in for a free consultation with one of our amazing consultants and start your Hub journey.

it couldn't be easier to book amend or revise your appointment 

We look forward to seeing you.

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