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Bye Bye January

So who else is glad to see the back of January?

January was the month I reversed into a parked car. The month I didn't manage to give up Gin, (I quickly add the 2 aren't related :) ) and the month I aimed but failed to get up at least 1 hour before the kids! (oh the thought of a peaceful hour every morning before the crazy starts).

Oh and its the month I finally returned to my day job in the bank. After a 6 year break!!!!

So I live with 3 boys and a dog and I have the salon that is based over 4 hours away!

and now Im back to being a full time working mummy AARRRGGGHHHHH!!

So I'm heading into March searching for genuinely good ideas on how to save time through the week. I want my cleaning routine chopped down, my morning beauty routine chopped down and my ironing pile gone. (never going to happen)

So. the things I'm trying this week.

As its my first week back I'm letting the ironing go to pot, and I'm concentrating on short simple hacks that will save me time and help me look relatively normal. So its all about the beauty routine and I know the things I personally need to have sorted before I feel ;done are




So that's my personal starting block. If I look presentable, you never know, people might think I know what I'm doing :)

Weekly Wash and Blow Dry

My hair is so super fine, that I know a #BigBlowDry wont last all week. but I'm hoping if I can get it 'done on a Tuesday night, I can skip Wed and Thursday hair wash and last until scruffy Friday.

Then its hair in a messy bun day.

My salon beauties, have loaded me up with a load #milkshakehairproducts so i'll let you know how I get on.

So my #superbabes if any of you have any crafty little tips on making your blow dry last, then please let me know as all your advice is appreciate and needed!!

What is your fave dry shampoo, do people really sleep with a silk scarf, what day do you find is best so your Blow Dry gets through the working week!

Blow Drys at #thehubhairandbeauty start from just £14

Gel Polish

My Acrylic nails are off!!!!, I love them so much, they elongate my fat fingers, they make me feel like a graceful girl who lives a life full of champagne bars, perfect outfits and matching shoes.... Instead of a heavy footed heffalump, who drinks too much coffee and doesn't even notice when the sole hanging off her boot!!!

But my Bleach obsession means they really aren't the beauty fix for me.

(I'm a picker) and I clean with no gloves on.

I basically do everything the girls at #thehubhairandbeauty advise you not to do

So I knew that being back in the bank meant I would be walking around meeting clients, or holding meetings, with half done, half chewed, half broken nails. And because my drive to the shop is a 6 hour round trip popping into #TheHubhairandBeauty for a last minute nail fix is practically impossible.

So I'm trying Gels, My natural nails are really weak so I've gone for a builder Gel Base with my normal Gel Top Colour and so far so good. The set I have on lasted me 12 days!! which is good going for me. So far I've had no lift and Ive just chipped 1 little corner, I can defo feel my nails soften after a Sunday Bathroom cleaning blitz. but so far so good. im due to get them removed and put back on next Tuesday, so im already planning my next colour!

(we have a special on with Kim for £6 Gel nails throughout the month, (selected colours) so you can change your colour as oftern as you want.


I personally think, Brows are the one thing that really make a difference.

In order to look polished you have to have sorted your Brows.

I know the current trend is big thick messy brows, but in reality unless your 17 these are going to look daft.

So Sophie has waxed and plucked away, creating 2 perfectly tinted arches that give my face a little more definition, I also had #HennaTint applied as it lasts a little bit longer than the standard tint. I'm hoping with Henna I will only need a weekly top up.

However, the next step is Microblading, I have been wanting to get them done for sooo long, especially as we now do the enhanced shading. I really just need to organise myself so that I have a spare few hours to lie down and let Sophie work her magic!

So that's my 3 top tips to trying to look normal and feel in control even when you aren't actually listening to a word people are saying. Because you're too busy wondering if you locked the back door and turned the oven off :)

All 3 services are available to book online, through our Facebook or Instagram pages,

or you can call us on 0191 447 1950

Or drop us a mail on

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