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Nailing it!!

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Nothing can make you feel more elegant and poised than stretching your hand out to see a beautiful polished nails of nails!

Unfortunately, we are not all blessed with natural nails, I'm certainly not, I know from speaking to customer that a lot of us suffer from dry brittle nails that crack or split. So getting them all to uniform length can seem like an impossible dream.

So what can be done!! Is their a solution?

in this first blog I am going to talk through 1 of the options that we offer in the salon. Acrylic Nails, following up with Gel Nails.

Both have their advantages, so you just need weigh up the benefits and pros to both and then chose which one is right for you.

Acrylic Nails have been around for ever, I think i got my first set over 20 years ago, and I have been to every type of salon, they are one of our most popular services, most people will have had, or seen someone who has had acrylic nails. They are still so popular for a number of reasons.

Instant glam - so if you're a busy mum, juggling kids,work or just life in general. Little beauty time savers can help you get through the day. A standard set of acrylic nails with a gel overlay takes aprox 1hour (time will increase for any nail art or designs). So if you set up a reoccurring appointment, you get a bit of time for yourself, plus the knowledge of knowing your hands look done! (even though you've been able to sit back and chill).

Confidence Boost - Anyone else talk with their hands? I'm aware my hands are always on display. Knowing they are 'done' just gives me more confidence in those situations. My own natural nails are short and I have little fat sausage fingers. So 'Acrylics' enables me to lengthen and shape my nail in a way I just wouldn't get with gel alone.

Design Options are Endless - I have to admit I'm middle aged and boring so I tend to stick to our neutral colours maybe a classic red for Christmas and a peachy peach in summer, but I love fan-girling over some of the designs and colours that I see people leaving with. Sunderland definitely has some major style queens!!! and self expression through nail art is a trend that isn't going any where. With 2 nail techs (1 who loves nail art). You know you can get nails to match any occasion!

Stop the nail biting - Sometimes the only way to break a habit is to remove the option (this is why I need to stop buying pink gin). A set of Acrylic nails, look beautiful so straight away you have an urge to look after them but, they are also incredibly hard to nibble. So they give you a chance to break the biting cycle. Most people don't even notice they are nibbling. But as soon as the acrylic hits the teeth they are instantly reminded, so if you're a biter. This is absolutely an option for you (some nails may be too short, but we can have a look and advise the best option for you)

Protect your delicate nails - Anyone who has weak thin nails, know it is soul destroying to find another tear. or feel the crack of a brittle nail. The slightest task can be impossible when you don't have nails and although you cant use your Acrylic Nails as tools!!

It is nice to know that they aren't going to rip at the slightest knock!

And if this hasn't convinced you to give them a try, we do a full set of Acrylic Nails with Gel Overlay for just £19. That has got to give you the perfect reason to try them out. I love my nails, I get instant glam, slender elegant fingers all for the price of a decent bottle of wine. I don't think their is any service that can give such an instant transformation without a huge price tag?

What do you think?

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